Bart Wynants -- owner & publisher

Ever since discovering the magical medium of tabletop role-playing, way back in 1995, Bart has clocked well over 10,000 hours behind the GM's screen. His writing career took off in 2018 with an article published for Raging Swan Press, which soon sparked a slew of Dungeon Backdrops, Storylines, and Eventures designed as a freelancer. He has written for Nightfall Games' SLA Industries setting, as well as The Terminator RPG and is a regular contributor for The Gaia Complex; Hansor Publishing's cyberpunk RPG of vampirism and corporate violence. As a cartographer, he created the maps for Raging Swan Press acclaimed Road of the Dead adventure, as well as those for Nightfall Games' recent Musketeers vs. Cthulhu. Currently, his contribution credits include over 100 publications.


After enduring a long career in IT, Bart resigned his corporate job in January 2022, leaving behind its thankless busywork to found BOLVVERK; the company that allows him to focus on the three things he is most passionate about: teaching IT and project management, writing and designing games, and drawing classic dungeon maps.