Dungeon Domains

Our highly successful Dungeon Domains line embodies Bolwerk Publishing’s design principles by offering infinitely expandable dungeon maps, accompanied by system-neutral area descriptions that allow you to prep amazing dungeon delves in record time. Awe your players with fascinating locations, clever challenges, and devious puzzles, all steeped in deep dungeon lore. Hand-drawn maps, gorgeous illustrations, bespoke handouts, and virtual tabletop assets are all provided to augment your game even further. All you need to do is add the monsters, the treasure, and the tweaks that make your games unique!

What are Dungeon Domains?

Dungeon Domains are hand-drawn geomorphs representing sections of dungeons, caverns, sewers, or catacombs, fleshed out with flavourful and detailed descriptions of each area as well as a unique legend explaining the dungeon’s history, all to provide GMs with inspiration to create their own dungeon-delving adventures using any system or setting of their choice.

Every Dungeon Domain has been designed to connect seamlessly with any of its sister products, allowing GMs to construct or expand dungeons of any size with minimal effort.

Dungeon Geomorphs?

Geomorphs are dungeon map sections of identical size and shape, where the ingress / egress points always occur on the same, fixed positions along the edges of the map. This feature ensures that, no matter the number, order, or orientation of the selected maps, the entry / exit points always line up, allowing GMs to quickly and effortlessly construct seamless dungeon maps of any size. All geomorphs in the Dungeon Domains line are based on a square 24x24 grid, having a pair of symmetrically spaced connection points along each of the four edges.

Highly Flexible and Universally Compatible

Dungeon Domains take care of the heavy lifting of adventure design, providing GMs with a fully fleshed out environment which they can easily customise to their heart's content! All you need to do to prep for a game is read the module, add the monsters, treasure, and set a handful of test difficulties! What's more: our evocative area descriptions and extremely GM-friendly lay-out should enable most GMs to determine these things almost on the fly!

Here's an example of how you might connect nine Dungeon Domains to build a 55-room dungeon almost instantly! 

Written for Players, Structured for GMs

The player experience sits at the forefront of each and every Dungeon Domain's design. Unique locations, dynamic environments, original hazards, traps and puzzles, and a focus on theme aid in creating unique, challenging, fun, and most of all memorable experiences at your gaming table.

     On the GM's side, we make running your best ever games a breeze by providing detailed maps, clear area descriptions, beautiful illustrations, flavourful read-aloud-text, and copious sidebars and designer's notes to help you flesh out the dungeon environment.

100% A.I. Free

Our products do not use A.I. 'art', A.I.-generated writing or A.I. assistance / prompts of any kind. All Dungeon Domains are 100% created by humans, for humans.

Handouts and Extras Galore!

Thanks to an army of enthusiastic Kickstarter backers, each Dungeon Domain comes with tons of extras including player handouts, area illustrations, virtual tabletop files, and even optional sound effects support! 

Take a look at the page spreads below (taken from Riven Catacombs) to check out the GM-friendly layout of our products. The individual map sections even prevent you from having to flip through the book during play.

Dungeon Domains Catalogue

Dismal Oubliette

Put to rest the seven tormented wraiths -- one way or another!

Dismal Oubliette is the sixth entry in the Dungeon Domains line, luring your characters into the haunted halls of an inquisitorial dungeon!

Since time immemorial, the Seven Sisters served as seeresses to the court. When their prophecies threatened the Emperor's position, he had them immured in a forgotten corner of the Complex.

Trapped in darkness and condemned to endless torment, the sisters' final waking thoughts dwelt on revenge, giving rise to a throng of powerful spirits whose unyielding hatred would forever burn beyond the thin, ragged veil of life.


Dismal Oubliette can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Dismal Oubliette - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Domain Architect -- FREE DOWNLOAD

The continued success of our Dungeon Domains line enables us to publish a new geomorph approximately every two months. We have created this free Domain Architect pdf to help both new and veteran GMs find what they need amid our ever-growing offer of Dungeon Domains!

The Domain Architect includes images of all our published geomorphs, along with a brief summary of each Domain, its notable features, and a list of all the extras that were added during its Kickstarter campaign (player handouts, map tokens, etc). In addition, the Domain Architect  contains preview links to all our published domains, as well as a mapping grid for high-level dungeon mapping!


Domain Architect can downloaded for free via DriveThruRPG: 

Domain Architect - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Perilous Paths volume I

Contains 5 maps and 10 area descriptions: Dripstone Cave, Dabokia's Maze, Forgotten Culvert, Rune-Lit Halls, and Temple of Enduring Silence.

This Perilous Paths release adds 5 full-sized 24x24 square geomorphs to your collection, allowing you to rapidly expand your (mega)dungeon in all four directions. Deliberately designed to create some distance and 'breathing room' between our existing Dungeon Domains, the Perilous Paths maps reduce area and encounter density in what might otherwise become a very crowded dungeon. As an added bonus, these maps allow for larger individual areas and peculiar layouts which we wouldn't be able to feature in our regular Dungeon Domains.


Perilous Paths I can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Perilous Paths I - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Cistern of Amn-Duat

Enter the sunken cistern and slay its draconic despot!

Cistern of Amn-Duat is the fifth entry in our ever-growing line of Dungeon Domains. Deep inside this labyrinthine reservoir, all is not what it seems… 

Amn-Duat ruled as a despot over the kingdom of Cephalon for thirty years. Every lunar month, the tyrannical dracolisk demanded a tithe of seven youths and seven maidens to be sent down into the poisoned cistern where it had made its impregnable lair. After being forced to sacrifice his own daughter, the king had alchemical fire poured down the cistern, roasting Amn-Duat alive and ending the beast’s reign of terror... or did he?


Cistern of Amn-Duat can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Cistern of Amn-Duat - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Riven Catacombs

The Dungeon Domains line inexorably marches onward, with our fourth entry leading your characters deep into the shadow-shrouded depths of the Riven Catacombs!

Centuries ago, the Red Death cast its shadow across the realm. A demonic plague of gargantuan proportions, it felled nearly one-third of the population. Desperate survivors nailed the crimson corpses into hastily constructed caskets and sealed them inside a hidden catacomb within the Complex. Some accused the plague doctors of being overzealous, burying the living along with the dead…


Riven Catacombs can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Riven Catacombs - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Fane of Ash

The third entry in our ever-growing line of Dungeon Domains features an ancient subterranean temple, ravaged in a violent, fiery cataclysm. 

Legend holds the worshipers attempted to contact Nusku, demon prince of embers, but inadvertently opened a gate to the plane of fire, releasing gouts of liquid elemental flame into the halls of the fane, turning it into one giant blast furnace.

Today, only charred corpses entombed within ashen chrysalises litter these silent, cinder-choked halls where nameless horrors shuffle about in the darkness, patiently listening for the sound of footfalls in the dust.


Fane of Ash can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Fane of Ash - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Weeping Caves

[...] The trail brought the Brotherhood to a dank, dark cavern strewn with the maimed bodies of a hundred elite soldiers, without any trace of their killers or the Countess. Before the brethren could investigate any further, a horrid keening echoed through the tunnels, filling their hearts with terror. It is said that, as they fled the caves, the very walls began to weep tears of blood. Ever since, no sane man has dared set foot in the Weeping Caves. [...]


The second instalment in our Dungeon Domains line takes us to the Weeping Caves: a treacherous cavern complex which has been the site of a great tragedy in ages past. Rolling boulders, slippery slopes, and a pool of acid await! 


Weeping Caves can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Weeping Caves - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Shrine of Dagon

The first instalment, Shrine of Dagon, lets player characters explore a flooded shrine dedicated to Dagon amid a sprawl of ancient tunnels and chambers that once housed the cult worshiping the demon prince of the depths. 


Shrine of Dagon can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Shrine of Dagon - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG