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Riven Catacombs has been over 1800% funded by almost 300 backers! 


The Dungeon Domains line inexorably marches onward, with our fourth entry leading your characters deep into the shadow-shrouded depths of the Riven Catacombs!

Centuries ago, the Red Death cast its shadow across the realm. A demonic plague of gargantuan proportions, it felled nearly one-third of the population. Desperate survivors nailed the crimson corpses into hastily constructed caskets and sealed them inside a hidden catacomb within the Complex. Some accused the plague doctors of being overzealous, burying the living along with the dead…


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We are proud to announce that we're one of the official sponsors of Day of Dungeons; a weekend celebrating the diverse world of tabletop role-playing games!  Of course, our crew will be present during the event, and we'll be handing out special discount codes exclusively for attendees!


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