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Dungeon Domains: Cistern of Amn-Duat is Live and Fully Funded!


Cistern of Amn-Duat is the fifth entry in our ever-growing line of Dungeon Domains. Deep inside this labyrinthine reservoir, all is not what it seems… 

Amn-Duat ruled as a despot over the kingdom of Cephalon for thirty years. Every lunar month, the tyrannical dracolisk demanded a tithe of seven youths and seven maidens to be sent down into the poisoned cistern where it had made its impregnable lair.

After being forced to sacrifice his own daughter, the king had alchemical fire poured down the cistern, roasting Amn-Duat alive and ending the beast’s reign of terror.


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Local Event Sponsorship!


We are proud to announce that we're one of the official sponsors of Day of Dungeons; a weekend celebrating the diverse world of tabletop role-playing games!  Of course, our crew will be present during the event, and we'll be handing out special discount codes available for all attendees!


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