Bolvverk's publishing activities are limited to the creative sphere, with a focus on role-playing games materials. On this page, you'll find information on all of our self-published material, including ongoing projects. 


House of the Exorcist

Fell forces tore the House of the Exorcist from the very fabric of reality, causing it to forever drift beyond time and space. When the stars align, the house finds its way back to the land of the living, perching upon some lone hill, or lurking amidst a bleak, forgotten moor. Invariably, it then attracts the lost and the damned, who flock like moths towards a midnight flame. Few dare cross its threshold, and fewer still return from its harrowing halls with their body and soul intact.

Tonight, the stars are right. And the House of the Exorcist has emerged from the black beyond into your very own world…


This humble document represents the fruit of a collaborative effort which allowed me to connect with some incredibly talented, kind, and imaginative people. As a pure labour of love, The House of the Exorcist is entirely free, and will remain so in perpetuity. My fellow writers and I sincerely hope you will enjoy playing it.

Since the exorcist’s dread abode tends to mystically materialise in any dimension, time, or place it is likely to attract unwitting victims (i.e. the player characters), the demoniacal dwelling can be introduced in almost any RPG setting or campaign. The House of the Exorcist lends itself particularly well to settings featuring dark or heroic fantasy, and even 1920’s pulp action or cosmic horror settings.


House of the Exorcist can be downloaded FREE here: 

House of the Exorcist - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Dungeon Domains

Dungeon Domains are hand-drawn geomorphs representing sections of dungeons, caverns, sewers, or catacombs, fleshed out with flavourful and detailed descriptions of each area, as well as a unique legend explaining the dungeon’s history, providing GMs with inspiration to create their own dungeon-delving adventures using any system or setting of their choice.

Every Dungeon Domain has been designed to connect seamlessly with any of its sister products, allowing GMs to construct or expand dungeons of any size with minimal effort.

Shrine of Dagon

The first instalment, Shrine of Dagon, lets player characters explore a flooded shrine dedicated to Dagon amid a sprawl of ancient tunnels and chambers that once housed the cult worshiping the demon prince of the depths. 


Shrine of Dagon can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Shrine of Dagon - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

The Weeping Caves

[...] The trail brought the Brotherhood to a dank, dark cavern strewn with the maimed bodies of a hundred elite soldiers, without any trace of their killers or the Countess. Before the brethren could investigate any further, a horrid keening echoed through the tunnels, filling their hearts with terror. It is said that, as they fled the caves, the very walls began to weep tears of blood. Ever since, no sane man has dared set foot in the Weeping Caves. [...]


The second instalment in our Dungeon Domains line takes us to the Weeping Caves: a treacherous cavern complex which has been the site of a great tragedy in ages past. Rolling boulders, slippery slopes, and a pool of acid await! 


Weeping Caves can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Weeping Caves - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

Fane of Ash

The third entry in our ever-growing line of Dungeon Domains features an ancient subterranean temple, ravaged in a violent,  fiery cataclysm. 

Legend holds the worshipers attempted to contact Nusku, the demon prince of embers, but inadvertently opened a gate to the plane of fire, releasing gouts of liquid elemental flame into the halls of the fane, turning it into one giant blast furnace.

Today, only charred corpses entombed within ashen chrysalises litter these silent, cinder-choked halls where nameless horrors shuffle about in the darkness, patiently listening for the sound of footfalls in the dust.


Fane of Ash can be purchased via DriveThruRPG: 

Dungeon Domains: Fane of Ash - Bolwerk Publishing | DriveThruRPG

riven catacombs

The Dungeon Domains line inexorably marches onward, with our fourth entry leading your characters deep into the shadow-shrouded depths of the Riven Catacombs!

Centuries ago, the Red Death cast its shadow across the realm. A demonic plague of gargantuan proportions, it felled nearly one-third of the population. Desperate survivors nailed the crimson corpses into hastily constructed caskets and sealed them inside a hidden catacomb within the Complex. Some accused the plague doctors of being overzealous, burying the living along with the dead…

Riven Catacombs is now LIVE and already fully funded on Kickstarter! Click here to back the campaign: 

Spurned of Orcus

Spurned of Orcus is a  location-based tabletop role-playing adventure for 5e, pitting player characters of levels 3-4 against a family of ghoulish abominations cursed by the demon prince for breaking a solemn sacrificial vow.

Although the overall theme is loosely based in classic Roman history, all such references remain vague enough for you to easily incorporate this adventure into almost any fantasy campaign or setting. As long as your world has druids and an empire that was overthrown several (perhaps hundreds of) years ago, you’re good to go! Spurned of Orcus is about atmosphere, not historical accuracy.



Spurned of Orcus is set to return to KickStarter Q4 2024!